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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Mystery QAL - Block 5

Have you joined the fun of creating a Mystery quilt along with Kim of Persimmon Dream?  Today was Clue 5 - you can find it here.  This is a new-to-me block and yes, I messed up the stripes again but I was able to use my seam ripper and correct the problem.  I also introduced a new color because I didn't have enough of 3 of the colors to make it work.  So I'll be putting the same color into at least one of the next two blocks, but probably both, because I love this fabric!!  It is orange (a color I really don't like) but it is ombre and tone-on-tone!!!

And with all my other blocks

I was inspired by other quilting blogs I follow to put out a suet block for the birds over the winter.  There are many birds that stay here, even though it temperatures are usually below freezing every night.  It took them a few days, but numerous birds are visiting every day!  I love watching them and so does my dad.

I hope the video comes through...this is the first time I've tried this!

Happy New Year!  May this year bring you the blessing of enough!

1 comment:

Susan said...

He really was getting a good meal, wasn't he? Fun to watch him, and listen to your dad narrate, too. I like the new color you added, and having it in other blocks will make everything fit fine.