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Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Winter Blues Blog Hop

I've emailed Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks to participate in her blog hop in January!!!  If you would like to join us, pop over and follow the instructions to sign up!!  The last blog hop was a blast and I just happen to be currently working on a quilt that includes blues - a mystery done by Alycia of Alycia Quilts!  We are only on the second clue, so if you are interested in joining us that is the link to the second clue...easy to find the fabric requirements and first clue from there.  This mystery only requires about a hour a week to complete the clues.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Great Blog Hop and the Avalanche

The Stitch It & Gift It blog hop is over and it was so much fun to see what everyone as made to gift away.  I know I had several "I want to make that" moments this past week!!

The avalanche...not snow, but comments!  For the last year and a half, comments were going who knows where, but I wasn't being notified by email nor was I able to see them when I checked my blog administrative page.  After a friend notified me by email that she had commented, but it never showed up (thank you, Susie), another friend (thank you, Susan) found over 80 missing comments, going back to summer of 2018!!  Well, I'm going through each one, reading them and responding...but it is going to take me a few days!!  I am so very sorry for not responding to your comments when they were made...I really don't like it when I comment on a blog post and get ignored (unless there is a giveaway - those can get crazy).  I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog and post a comment...I try to show that by replying to every comment.

It is almost Thanksgiving...

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Stitch It & Gift It - Friday, November 15

Stitch it and Gift blog hop button large it button

This is the final day of the blog hop.  There have been so many great ideas for gifts, large and small!!  Which is your favorite idea and what are you going to make as a gift??

Today's bloggers are:

Inquiring Quilter
Just Because Quilts
Ms P Designs USA
Seams To Be Sew
Quilted Delights
Susie's World
Creatin' In The Sticks

I hope you have had as much fun as I have on this blog hop!!  Thank you again, Carla, for hosting this fun hop that lit a fire under me to get some Christmas stitching done!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Stitch It & Gift It - Thursday, November 14

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Today is my day and I'm so excited to share what I have made and gifted.  Thank you to Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks for organizing this blog hop.  The ladies blogging the last three days have had so many beautiful gifts to show that they have made.

This has been the year of babies in my family.  I have a new granddaughter, grandson and great niece!!  For my great niece (granddaughter and grandson were born earlier in the year and already have theirs), I made a Tummy Time quilt, using 5" squares - some cotton fabrics and some polyester that have fun textures, along with bits of different ribbons and a backing of Minky.
Something to keep her busy with her fingers while she learns to hold her head up.  It is also the perfect size to put over her while she is in the car seat or stroller.

My older grandson (he's 2) loved the one I made for his little brother, so I made him one as well.  Why not?  These are easy to make in one day, with 5" squares of cotton fabric and polyester with textures (just surround the polyester with cotton because it stretches something fierce when it is put together), 2" pieces of ribbon, Elmer's purple school glue stick (to hold the ribbon in place for sewing) and Minky for the backing which is brought around to serve as the binding as well.  Simple quilting with SID sews down the ribbons with a second seam holding them down against the tugging of little hands.  No batting keeps them light and easy to carry/drag around.

Isn't that paw print velvet just adorable??  He loves dogs, so this is perfect for him!

My daughter cares for people who live in their own homes but need help 24/7, for various reasons.  One of her clients also loved the Tummy Time quilt I made for the new grandson this summer, so I decided to make a quilt like it for her as well.  Most of the fabric for this quilt was a bundle of fat quarters I won from Hawthorne Supply Company - thank you so much Hawthorne Supply Company!! #hawthornesupplycompany

It is large enough to take a nap under and backed in her favorite color of purple.  I only put ribbons on the top few rows, so she can fiddle with them when she is watching TV.

I had some squares left over, so I decided to make her a purse to match her new quilt

I used part of a pillowcase I bought for the satiny lining of the purse.  No pattern for anything, just out of my head.

I bought a panel of animal stuffed toys to make and made one each for the grandsons - quick and semi-easy!
I am not at all good at 3-D sewing and that giraffe was a real challenge.  His horns refused to get poked out, but I don't think my grandson will mind!!  I stuffed them to within an inch of their lives and hope they hold up for a few years!!  Having a panel made these so much easier to make.  I did purchase patterns for some adorable stuffed animals that require my own fabric and I'll make them out of some wool I won and wool I bought.  They will take a bit longer to make, so maybe next year for them!

Nothing fancy - SID with my sewing machine.  I really miss my longarm!!  Caring for my 98 year old father is more important than me getting to use my longarm, but that doesn't stop me missing it (and my husband, home and horse)!

These lovely bloggers are sharing the "show off" day with me:

Thursday, November 14th


Please stop by and leave them a sweet comment on their fabulous work.  They may even have a giveaway!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Stitch It & Gift It - Wednesday, November 13

Yesterday was beautiful quilts, aprons, mug rugs, book pillows...has your "to-do" list for Christmas gift giving gotten longer?  I know mine has!!

Today is day three of the Stitch It & Gift It blog hop, hosted by the magnificent Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks!  Today's participants are:

Check out the awesomeness that is day three of Stitch It & Gift It blog hop!!  So far I am blown away by the creativeness of the bloggers participating in this hop!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Stitch It & Gift It - Tuesday, November 12

Did you see the great gifts made by the bloggers yesterday?  Wow!!  So many great ideas, large and small, that I know I could make some of them before Christmas and add to my "gift" category!!  Today is day two of the Stitch It & Gift It blog hop, hosted by Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks fame - thank you for all the work you do to make these blog hops so easy for the participants and wonderful for those who just hop!! 

The blogs to visit today are:

Check out what each of these talented quilters has created and leave them a sweet comment.  There may even be a giveaway!!  Did you enter the giveaways from yesterday?

Thank you, Veterans

I just want to thank my special veterans for their service
My oldest daughter, USAF, somewhere in the field.
My middle daughter, somewhere over Iraq.
They do clean up well!!
My dad, USN WWII, walking his granddaughter down the aisle at the age of 93!

Thank you to veterans everywhere who have written that blank check to their country!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Stitch It & Gift It - Monday, November 11

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Today is the day we start the Stitch It & Gift It blog hop, hosted by Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks fame.  The blogs to visit today are:

Check out what each of these talented quilters has created and leave them a sweet comment.  There may even be a giveaway!!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

It Starts Monday!!!

Stitch It & Gift It Blog Hop, hosted by Carla of Creatin in the Sticks, starts on Monday!!  My day is Thursday and I have things I'm hoping to finish this weekend.

Here is a list of the blogs and the days they will be featured:

Monday, November 11th

Tuesday, November 12th

Wednesday, November 13th

Thursday, November 14th

Friday, November 15th

This is going to be so much fun!!  Every day on this hop, there are blogs I already follow, but there are some new ones each day as well so I'll get to know some new blogs and bloggers to follow!!

Have a fabulous weekend and I hope you'll pop back next week for the blog hop.  You may even get an idea to make for this Christmas!!  Oh, gotta run, I just thought of another thing I want to make!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Winter Quilt Along

I am going to participate in Alycia's Winter Quilt Along.  If you are interested in making a quilt with only a one hour per week time requirement, join us!!  Just today she announced the fabric requirements on her blog, Alycia Quilts.
Alycia is making her quilt for QoV, so she is using red, white and blue.  Since the goal is to use our stash, I am using teal, oranges and white.  I don't have my whole stash available here at my dad's house, so I'm using what I have.

My rescue Chihuahua Tara was taking a nap in my chair and wasn't disturbed at all by me putting my fabrics down to photograph them!!  She's been my travel companion and shadow for 8 years now and I don't know what I would do without her.

Don't forget that Stitch It and Gift It starts on Monday, November 11 and I'll be showing what I have stitched and gifted on Thursday, November 14!  I'm so excited...I may have another one to show...so far there are 3 gifts, hoping for that #4!!!