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Friday, January 10, 2020

Auction for Australia

Mister Domestic is having an auction on his Instagram account here with all proceeds benefiting several groups in Australia as they deal with the horrific fires.  Quilts, bags of all kinds, fabric, notions...all have been donated to help Australia.  Did you know that they now estimate 1/2 billion animals have been killed?  Just breaks my heart!!!  I visited Australia over 10 years ago and totally fell in love with the country.  I bid on one of the items in the auction and I would hope someone else will pop over there and help as well.

Jo is running a quilt, quilt top, backing, block drive (thank you to Mari of The Academic Quilter for bringing this to my attention).  If you can help that way, the postage isn't too awful if you can put a block or two in a first-class envelope!  According to Jo, 1,300 homes have been lost.  If you know anyone who has lost their home to fire, you know there is little left to recover and there are things (pictures especially) that are gone forever.  Everyone pulled out all the stops to help those affected by the Paradise fires and the Carolina hurricane victims...now the country of Australia needs help.

The firefighters from Canada and the United States who went to Australia to help out were greeted with cheers by those in the airport, but I'm sure the Australian firefighters they will be helping will be even more grateful.  So many of the firefighters are volunteers who have other jobs that are spending their days and nights fighting the fires, and I'm sure some of them have lost their homes.

Pray for Australia, the firefighters, those caring for those driven from their homes by the fires, those caring for the animals who have been injured and driven from their homes, and for a change in the weather...they need a gentle, constant rain to put out the fires but not create floods.


Susan said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I had asked Jenny Reynolds, and she gave me a quilt website in Australia which has links for financial donations, too. Quilt NSW

ButterZ said...

Fantastic to spread the word.
We have another hot and windy week ahead of us..