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Monday, January 20, 2020

Bush Fire Tree Blocks #bushfireblocks

I follow Life in the Scrapatch and she made a block to send, so I thought I could do the same!  One block will fit in a regular envelope and the postage wouldn't be too horrible.  So, these are the blocks I made

These are the two blocks I'm putting in the mail tomorrow.  I don't know how long it takes for mail to get from the USA to Australia, so rather than be late, I'll put them in the mail now.  I found out just how few greens I brought with me or have accumulated since I got here!!

If you can help this way, thank you.  I know the people of Australia will be grateful for any support they get!

It is destined for the 

who are collecting tree blocks from all over the world to make
quilts for those affected by the terrible bust fires in Australia.

"Our NSW communities have been ravaged by fire since August 2019. In particular, the South Coast of NSW were devastated by bushfire on New Year’s Eve. Our state has suffered enormous losses. Families have lost loved ones, others their homes and all their belongings. Farmers have lost livestock, others their livelihood, not to mention the extensive loss and damage to our native flora and fauna. Unfortunately, it is only the start of our fire season and immediate forecasts predict worsening conditions, and anticipate further loss and destruction.
So whilst feeling deeply saddened by the overwhelming scenes of widespread loss and suffering - it got Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild thinking..... What can we do to help? Well, we can make quilts of course!!
So we would like to call-out to anyone else who would like to help us in making quilts for the affected families within our communities.
How you can help:

We have decided to make tree blocks. The tree is a symbol of growth and nourishment. A tree symbolizes the generations of a family; a tree sprouts from a seed, the roots provide strength and stability, and whilst the new sapling is young and vulnerable they are protected by the other trees until they grow and flourish. In time the branches spread and then create new fruit that gives life to the next generation.
There is no restriction to one type of tree block. We would love our quilts to be beautiful and diverse just like our wonderful communities. The below quilt blocks have been designed and supplied for inspiration, but please feel free to use your own ideas and colours. If you would like to help, please make a tree block of a generous 12.5 inch square using a low volume / white or pale grey background. Once completed please send to:
Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild
PO Box 54
Jamberoo New South Wales
We are going to distribute the quilts made to the families who have lost everything.
We would like to ask that blocks be mailed for arrival by the end of February. We thank you in advance for your support. #bushfireblocks


Susan said...

Great Blocks! I especially like the mix of greens you used in both blocks.

Susie said...

Great blocks. I will try and sort something out this weekend or next if not. I have begun watching the Australian Open Tennis and they raised a lot of money the week before which was so good. Thanks for sharing the post. Hugs, Susie xx