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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Autumn Jubilee 2019

Carole at From My Carolina Home is holding Autumn Jubilee 2019 on her blog starting today!!  So many sponsors are donating items that she is willing to give us a chance at winning!!  No little prizes here...we're talking about prizes valued up to $100!!!

Look for 

Since I still can't figure out how to do the button thing, there is a hotlink to her blog post in the highlighted name of her blog in the first line of this blog!  If you want a chance to win some awesome prizes, please go to Carole's blog and get your name in the hat, er, rafflecopter!!!

EDIT:  My friend Susan, who blogs at https://desertskyquilts.wordpress.com/, put the hotlink button on the sidebar of my blog for me!!  Thank you, Susan!!!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Stitch It and Gift It

Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks is hosting a blog hop for us to create something to give away.  Marion at Seams to be Sew sent me directions on how to add a button to my sidebar - excellent directions that were actual screen shots of her adding a button - but I get to the "save" button and nothing happens.  So, before I cry or toss my computer in the trash, I'm conceding defeat.  If you are interested in joining us, please click on the hot link in my text which will take you to Carla's post with all the information!!

I am excited about this blog hop and I know I'll finish the "gift"...I'm so excited I have already started working on it!!!  With a little luck, I'll even have a picture of the "gift" with the recipient for my post in November!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Needle and Thread, with Mixed Up Fabrics

Grandbabies are coming hot and heavy in the last year!!  I made Libby her patriotic quilt last year (see it here).  I had to send the flimsy, backing and binding to a fellow quilter in Washington for her to finish it for me.  I am horrible at quilting with my DSM and wanted this quilt to be a keeper!  Presley arrived in May, Gunner is coming in July and a "gender unknown" is due in September!  Well, I had to shift gears a bit and decided to make "tummy-time" quilts.  I used several different kinds of fabric cut into 5" squares to give different textures for little hands to explore.  I also put many different kinds of ribbons for the same reason.

Some of the fabrics were a challenge to work with!  I am so used to using 100% cotton and found the poly stuff is slick, stretches in every direction, and easily puckers.  I did find some faux suede which was a dream to work with!

The "textured" fabrics were fun to look for and led me down aisles I never venture down.  The ribbons ranged from silky to grosgrain, crocheted, and pleated grosgrain.  I dug down into my "stash" (it was a shallow dive) of ribbon...do you recognize this ribbon?
I just did a SID with my walking foot (I don't have a hopping foot for my DSM)
I love using the Dimpled Minky
for the backing and I wrapped it around to use as the binding as well.  I didn't use any batting (so they aren't true quilts) so the hand of the quilt is amazing.  I hope they also use the quilts in the car and strollers as they are light and warm.

After the quilt was finished, I embroidered the names of the grandbabies on the faux suede fabric.

Another grandson (Gunner's big brother) will be 2 in August, so I played with a design I saw somewhere in my hunting online (if you know where, I'll happily give credit).  I used an inexpensive blanket I bought after Christmas at Walmart for the backing (fleece blankets work great!).  I used my walking foot to sew wavy lines across the quilt.  I found that putting binding on with corners that are less than 90 degrees is a real pain!!  The blanket I used as a combo of batting and backing had rounded corners and I didn't have enough fabric to make a bias binding, so I did a weird slanted cut to get rid of the curves.
I quite like the ripple effect after I washed the quilt.  I did wash all my fabrics prior to cutting them and after I finished them.  He loves his new quilt!

It is so very nice to be back sewing and being creative again.  I am quilting the Tummy Time quilt for the baby due in September...a beautiful light green dimpled Minky fabric!  I'm also making 2 more to have just in case...one with pink and one with blue Minky backings because I purchased a yard of each color and only used 1/2 of the width for each quilt.  I need to find more baby fabric to make another one with the light green.

Thanks for hanging with me during this long dry spell for caring for my dad - he turned 98 on Father's Day.  I am trying to keep this quilting related because you really don't want to hear about the day to day of my boring life!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Snow Much Fun Blog Hop

So sorry to Cindy at Quilt Doodle Doodles so being late with this post.  I am working on a quilt for a new grand due this summer and trying to figure out how to quilt it on my DSM...which y'all know I just don't do!!  The fabric for the background went to my home instead of where I am, so hubby put it in the mail for me...and it was 4 days later than I was told it would be on the last leg of its journey.

How do people not break their backs pinning a quilt sandwich??  I guess working on small tables that are about knee high isn't the best solution!!

Those ladies participating in the Snow Much Fun Blog Hop are:


Today we bid farewell to Koda, here far to short a time, deeply loved and missed so very much already.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas...and all that jazz

I will admit the last three years have been more difficult then I realized they could be when I made the decision to move in with my dad and take care of him.  I left my hubby, horse and longarm (as well as most of my quilty things) behind in Washington...750 miles away.  The first year wasn't so bad as I stayed with my dad for 3 weeks a month then went home to Washington for a week, but that changed 2 years ago.  It was a Saturday night and I was supposed to drive home on Monday, but my dad was just beginning to show symptoms of a cold, and for some reason I decided I could not go home.  By Wednesday that week he was in the hospital with double pneumonia.  If I had gone home, I don't think he would have survived until I got home.  *Note to self, listen when your intuition yells at you*

After that, he was on oxygen 24/7.  I didn't realize just how limiting that really is nor did I understand just how out-of-breath someone on oxygen becomes with the slightest physical exertion.  Now I know.  Since January 2017, I have been home once for 4 days in March 2017 and I did get to meet my hubby in Hawaii for the wedding of one of his daughters in December 2017.  I miss my hubby, horse, longarm and all my quilty stuff!!  But I won't be going home until after my dad goes to his heavenly home, so...

Looking back on the past year, the only quilt I pieced was the one for my new granddaughter who was born this past summer.  I think I am stuck somewhere in my head I don't want to be, so...

I have decided I need some help to get sewing again, so I am going to participate in some BOMs that are free.  Marian at Seams to be Sew has a list on her post today of a bunch of free BOMs.  Six of them appealed to me, so I'm going to be giving it a go to try to break out of my funk.  I just might even post more often if I have something to show off!!

Since I really love this man, I don't want him to leave me any time soon!  This is a picture of the two of us celebrating his 95th birthday over two years ago...

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Free BOM

I just received word that Quilt Doodle Doodles is hosting a new BOM next year called Garden Sunshine.  It will allow you to either embroider or applique (always nice to have a choice) and did I mention it is FREE???!!!  All right, yes, there is a catch...you have to actually download the free pattern each month it is offered.  If you miss a month and want to get it later, there is a small fee, but once a month, I think I can at least download one pattern!!  Use your own fabrics or she has fabric kits for the piecing alone OR piecing and applique both!

Pop on over to Quilt Doodle Doodles, follow her blog and get your free BOM!!!
I'm off to actually get some sewing done today!!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

I have decided to participate for the first time in Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery Quilt.  If you would like to join in, you can get the fabric requirements and first week's instructions here.

Here is my fabric pull for this quilt, just a bit different from Bonnie's color choices.

Here is another view:

The top is gray as my neutral, olive for the red, yellow for the green, coral for the blue, teal for the orange.

I'm linking up here for the first week.  Are you playing along??

#quiltvillemystery and #goodfortunequilt