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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Which Needle to Use

I just read a wonderful blog post by Kate who blogs at Seams Like a Dream and she has great information on what needle works with what fabric and why!!  Best of all, she put it into a chart that you can easily copy and save for future use right here

I'm really good at figuring out which needle to use with my longarm, because I use different weights of thread when I quilt and they demand different sizes of needles to work properly.  I'm not that attentive when I am piecing...because I usually use cotton so my needle stays the same!  Remember the Tummy Time quilts I made for babies?  After reading Kate's blog, I understand why I was having issues when piecing the poly fabric to the cotton...it kept wanting to shift and stretch on me!!  Lesson learned!  I now have a copy of Kate's list of fabrics and the needles they pair with in a folder on my desktop so I can access it.  When I get home, I'll print out a copy and keep it in my sewing room!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Auction for Australia

Mister Domestic is having an auction on his Instagram account here with all proceeds benefiting several groups in Australia as they deal with the horrific fires.  Quilts, bags of all kinds, fabric, notions...all have been donated to help Australia.  Did you know that they now estimate 1/2 billion animals have been killed?  Just breaks my heart!!!  I visited Australia over 10 years ago and totally fell in love with the country.  I bid on one of the items in the auction and I would hope someone else will pop over there and help as well.

Jo is running a quilt, quilt top, backing, block drive (thank you to Mari of The Academic Quilter for bringing this to my attention).  If you can help that way, the postage isn't too awful if you can put a block or two in a first-class envelope!  According to Jo, 1,300 homes have been lost.  If you know anyone who has lost their home to fire, you know there is little left to recover and there are things (pictures especially) that are gone forever.  Everyone pulled out all the stops to help those affected by the Paradise fires and the Carolina hurricane victims...now the country of Australia needs help.

The firefighters from Canada and the United States who went to Australia to help out were greeted with cheers by those in the airport, but I'm sure the Australian firefighters they will be helping will be even more grateful.  So many of the firefighters are volunteers who have other jobs that are spending their days and nights fighting the fires, and I'm sure some of them have lost their homes.

Pray for Australia, the firefighters, those caring for those driven from their homes by the fires, those caring for the animals who have been injured and driven from their homes, and for a change in the weather...they need a gentle, constant rain to put out the fires but not create floods.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

11.1 Notably Numeric Challenge Done

This week I have participated in the challenge presented by Kim of Persimmon Dreams and Trish, the designer.  I have a total finish!!  It has even been bound, per the rules!!

One way:
I started with the top and fusible fleece for batting.  I did the quilting on the purple with just the two layers.  I then added the the backing fabric and did the quilting on the orange and the blanket stitch on my sewing machine all around the letters and arrow.
I added a piece of white fabric to the border and binding to show how narrow the way is...the old "Stairway to Heaven vs. the Highway to Hell".

This snack mat is a gift and this is how I hope it will be used:
Thank you so much, Kim and Trish!!  I had fun with this one!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Project Quilting

I am participating in Kim, of Persimmon Dreams, Project Quilting again this week.  I am so happy to be back to sewing and quilting again and definitely need to challenge from Kim to get back there!!  Thank you, Kim, for doing this again!!

Notably Numeric is our clue for the week.  I got the clue on Sunday and made the top, yesterday I did the quilting on the purple part of the front and some of the blanket stitching around the letters.  Today I finished the blanket stitching and quilted the orange border.  For someone who really doesn't like orange, I have used it in my last three projects!!!  I love teal and purple...both of those colors are really set off by orange, so I guess I need to embrace the orange!!

This is my pup Tara (she was rescued 9 years ago), playing with her new gingerbread man sent to her from her friend Treacle in England for Christmas.  She has a blast with it!!

Do you need a bit of help to get back to the sewing machine?  Kim's challenges aren't difficult, they are lots of fun and I won the prize offered for participating in, and finishing the top, of her Mystery QAL last week when we made our spool quilt!!  Yes, there are lots of prizes offered again...come on and have some fun with us!!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Can You Help?

Piccolo Studio has templates and directions for making pouches for the wildlife who are the victims of the horrible fires in Australia.  She is working with Animal Rescue Craft Guild to help.  The last report I heard was that 30% of the koalas in the area on fire in Southern Australia have died.  So many of the survivors are suffering from burns.  A quilting group in The Netherlands has gotten together to make mitts for the burned paws of the koalas.
Are you able to help this little one?
Or these little ones?

Friday, January 3, 2020

Lots of FREE BOMS!!

Marian at Seams to be Sew has an amazing list of BOM's, QAL's, SAL's and other fun events.  Her only requirement is that that all need to be totally free!!  You can find her current list here and she will update her list as more BOM's, QAL's and SAL's come to her attention.

If you would like a plethora free patterns to play with, go and check out what Marian has put together!!