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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lovely Year of Finishes October Goal Met!!

The month isn't even half over and I finished my goal for the month!!!  It is done-done, right down to the label!  This is a pattern I tested for Sue Abrey and it was a fun quilt to piece.  Definitely different from any other quilt I have made.  Warning:  lots of pictures because each of the 20 golden "blocks" was quilted with a different pattern.

The back

Back detail

Great texture

Great texture

So pretty!!!

Love this pattern!

Love this pattern!

 I am so happy with the way this quilt turned out and I am gifting it away soon.  Gonna be hard to let this one go...it turned out so cool!!!  I may be needing to make another one for myself!  These are colors I would never have chosen for myself, but they match the decor in the recipient's home.

I have linked up sewbittersweetdesigns for the Lovely Year of Finishes!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New (to me) Quilt Shop

I just wanted to share with you a new-to-me online quilt shop - Hawthorne Threads.  I was looking for a specific piece of fabric - Tula Pink's Sea Stripes in Aqua (I'm totally blaming my total impulse purchase on Molli Sparkles!!).  I had never heard of Hawthorne Threads before my search, but their prices are fabulous - $7.50 per yard for Tula Pink *I know, amazing*!!  And their shipping doesn't double the price of the fabric!  Oh, oh...they do something they call Tiered Pricing, where the more you buy, the more you can save per yard!!!  Hawthorne Threads is owned by a married couple, Charlie and Lindsay, who have been operating this fabric shop out of their home since 2008.  If you are looking for fabric and don't want to pay $10 per yard or more, give Hawthorne Threads a look.  I'm not affiliated (they are across the country from me) and I am not being compensated in any way for this blog post - I can't even figure out how to put a button on my blog, so being sponsored by anyone...I don't think it's in the card for me!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Again this month I am joining up with Sew Bittersweet Designs for A Lovely Year of Finishes for October.  I have so much quilting to get finished before Christmas, I am using this as a carrot to help me achieve my goal!  I need to finish this beautiful quilt that I pattern-tested for Sue Abrey. 

Are you getting anything done-done?