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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Can You Help?

Piccolo Studio has templates and directions for making pouches for the wildlife who are the victims of the horrible fires in Australia.  She is working with Animal Rescue Craft Guild to help.  The last report I heard was that 30% of the koalas in the area on fire in Southern Australia have died.  So many of the survivors are suffering from burns.  A quilting group in The Netherlands has gotten together to make mitts for the burned paws of the koalas.
Are you able to help this little one?
Or these little ones?


KaHolly said...

Who’d have thought? I’ll check it out.

Susie said...

I will have a look and see if I can knock a few out. Youngest and Girlfriend are going to an event in February, she used to be a show jumper with her own horses, and it is a horse event raising money to send over to Australia to help the fire fighters and the wildlife. Thank you so much for puttings this up. Hugs, Susie xx