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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home from MQX West

I had 2 fun-filled, busy days in Portland, Oregon at MQX West.  Great venue, quilts - both the ones entered in the show and the collections, vendors and classes!  I even got to spend Friday morning with my beloved quilting buddy Carol from Florida!  I am tired from the drive home (about 5.5 hours) and unloading my over-packed car.  I will say, before I head off to bed or up to my studio to sew a few pieces, Angela Walters is a great, fun teacher as well as a fabulous quilter.  Her class was only 2 hours - flew by - and I could have sat there for 8 hours without complaint!  More with pictures soon.  Just a tease pic for now :)  The lovely lady is pictured with her equally lovely quilt entitled "My Stash History" which contained material from her wedding back in the 70's and the small squares on the right side were all from her children's clothing.  Love the way she did the border!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Foods that are toxic to your pets

Just a few websites that contain information to help us keep our furry companions safe and healthy by not sharing some of our foods with them.  They not only tell you what not to feed them, they also tell you the signs your pet will exhibit if they have eaten something they shouldn't!


Let's keep our furry family members healthy by expanding our knowledge!  Thanks to auntpiggylpn of quiltingboard.com for doing the research and posting the information there!

Happy quilting!