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Saturday, February 1, 2014

What I am working on

This is a customer quilt which has occupied my frame since the beginning of December...2 months!  Okay, I was gone for 4 weeks, but still!  It is a sampler quilt, set on-point, and surrounded by two different blocks (one a pieced basket, I don't know what the other one is), setting triangles and then the usual 2 inner and larger outer border.  The quilt was very willing to stretch in any and every direction, so I stabilized it by doing SID around all the 12" blocks and basted the sides down.  I am now working my way to the top by doing SID and feathers in the blocks.  I will do all 16 basket block fillers at the same time, but the center blocks are all different so I am getting to design a different pattern for each one.  It has been fun, especially since I've gotten my step-son's girlfriend (Brandi) to give me advice on quilting motifs!  She's never done a thing with making or quilting a quilt, but I have her hooked!!  She suggested a motif, I drew it out and she loved it, so I'll use it cuz it's a good one!!
So here are a few pictures of a few of the blocks...not all the quilting is done and yes, there is chalk on one of the blocks to remind me of what I think I want to do when I get back that way with the right color of thread!

On the last picture, you are seeing half of the block, there is a matching burgundy half heading north.  This is the block I don't know the name of...anyone out there know?  This block is the first to circle the center sampler blocks.  When I quilt the other half of the block, I'll post a picture of the whole block.