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Friday, December 6, 2019

Finished or Not Friday

I am linking up with Alycia of Alycia Quilts and actually show off a few things I have actually finished!!

My dad is on hospice and has a nurse who comes to check him out once a week.  He also has a CNA who comes in twice a week to give him a shower.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate these ladies and the support they give to me as well as him!  I can call their office 24/7 and get help if I need it.  When my mom was sent home from the hospital on hospice, she came home on a Saturday morning at 10 AM and she went to heaven on Sunday evening at 5 PM.  Hospice was so wonderful at getting her what she needed for the short time she was home.  Dad is really getting so much more from them and I lean on them so much.  Anyway, I wanted to make them a little something to show my appreciation, so I made them table toppers.
Simple 4P turned into a 9P with a border and corner stones.  Very simple quilting on my sewing machine.  I gave them to them on Tuesday so they could use them during the Christmas season.  Today the CNA came and the first thing she did was to show me a picture of her table topper out on her coffee table, all decorated for Christmas.  She was so incredibly thrilled!  She said she always put the same decorations out on the table but that the table topper just took the whole display up a notch and she was so excited!!  Our quilted gifts, given from the heart, do not have to be over the top to be appreciated and used by those we give them to.

I love giving gifts to those who are not expecting it.


cspoonquilt said...

Hospice is an incredible organization! It's great that you are getting some help and that you said Thanks in that way! I hope that your dad is comfortable and at peace. take care, cw

Susie said...

Love the Table Toppers and my favourite Christmas colours of Red and Green. I am not into these modern colours of electic Blue and Ice white they do not look right!!!!

Love the Blog hops and will be hopping around but won't be taking part this time as I don't have anything on the go which is Blue at the moment and am trying to finis a King size quilt at the moment!!!!

Merry Christmas

Hugs & Love Susie xx

Susan said...

That was such a great way to show gratitude, and you know they don't see much of that in return for all their work. Most families are in the midst of so much turmoil and grief, and they feel grateful, but they don't think to do something concrete like that. Good for you - and it was good for you to sew and quilt and complete them, too! A sense of accomplishment. =)

Needled Mom said...

That was such a thoughtful thing to do. They are remarkable people and I know they appreciate the fact that you appreciate them as well.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Hospice was so good to Clay’s son when he passed from cancer at the age of 51. Our parents have been gone 20 years, it is so hard to lose them. Very sweet for you to make the little quilts for the care takers!