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Sunday, December 22, 2019

A Few Things Made

I have really been struggling to do much of anything this year!  As we turn the calendar to 2020, I will be starting year four with my father.  While I would never make a different choice, being away from my husband and home for this long is quite unexpected and it has been hard for me.  My husband, bless him, has never once said anything about putting my dad in a nursing home so I could come home!! 

However, when one has grandchildren, one must do something!!  My 2 year old grandson is obsessed with dinosaurs!  I follow Pasture Deficit Disorder on Facebook and her husband is an amazing woodworker!!  I ordered a set of 5 dinosaurs from her and she sent them directly to my daughter for me!!

The ones I chose were a different wood, therefore a different color, but they are so cute and I know GS#1 will love them!!

Last spring I tested a pattern for Tammy at https://www.tamarinis.com/.  She designs fabulous paper pieced patterns and I had fun with this one...except I did have to employ Jack the Ripper a few times!!!  I used one of the blocks I made to make a table topper for a dear friend who was at my first birthday party!!  We have been friends a very long time and I cherish that friendship!!
I did finish the binding before I gave it to her...promise!!!  She loved it!

My two granddaughters...well, they were to be with their dad during the first week of Christmas vacation, so I wasn't too worried about mailing the few things I had for them early.  That all changed.  On Thursday, 12-19-19, their dad was having surgery to re-attach a muscle he had ripped off the bone (his pec).  At 38, he had a heart attack on the table and didn't survive.  So their world has turned upside down.  I am so very sad that I can't go to be with them...at 12 and 6, I feel like they need lots of support from loving family!!  I hope these two little stuffies, made and filled with love, will help them, even just a little!
Even though they will not make it in time for Christmas day, I don't think they will mind.

May you be blessed with the presence of those you love as you celebrate the holidays.

Merry Christmas and may God bless each of you in the coming year.


The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh, goodness!! What a horrific thing for your young granddaughters to have to deal. Even worse to deal with right before Christmas! My heart goes out to your family.

Carla said...

I hope your little ones will find some kind of comfort. What a terrible thing to happen. Bless your heart for not being able to be with them. They will cherish your stuffed presents for sure.
Your table topper is beautiful.

Susan said...

Life often doesn't go as we expect. I'm so glad you've been able to do something for all your grands, even if from a distance. So sad you can't be there, and a hard choice for your heart to have to make. God bless you, Susan.

Susie said...

OMG that is awful and I do so feel for your Granddaughters. I lost my Dad when I was 15 and that was traumatic so I really do know what they are going through and at such a time of the year. I do hope they and their Mom can have a good Christmas despite this and I am sure your stuffed animals will be loved.

I know how difficult it is for you and your Husband and you are such a wonderful daughter for all you have done and he is a wonderful Husband in his support.

We hope you and your Dad have a lovely Christmas and the best of New Years.

All our love and hugs, Susie and my Lot xxxxxxx