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Monday, September 17, 2012

A Little About Customer Service

A few months ago I bought a kit from The Enchanted Quilt.  It was a pre-cut kit and I have never tried one of them before - now I am totally a fan!!!  It was for a quilt that was from a shop hop and they bought the extra block packets from the other quilt shops and put them together into a kit.  Well, we all know what happens when many people cut blocks...yep, some fabric was missing and some that needed to be cut in a single layer were not so unless I was willing to use the back of the fabric in my block, I needed more/different fabric.  I gave them a call to let them know what had happened and to see if I could get the lovely pink and white polka dot material missing from the one block - I looked everywhere for this fabric with no luck!  Well, the apologized all over the place, sent me the polka dot material, 2 black and white fabrics (matching what was already in the packets) and a solid black so I could finish my blocks.  They also included cutting directions for the blocks that had problems, a fat quarter of cute pink with mini flowers and a note apologizing again!!!  I highly recommend them for the quality of their fabrics and their awesome customer service!!!  I will be back!!!!!  http://www.theenchantedquilt.com/


Linda Lee said...

I have found that quilters and most quilt shop people are great! Thank you for giving a link to The Enchanted Quilt. I will check them out!

Linda said...

Quilt shops are wonderful. I think they give the best customer service of any business around. I'm glad they could help you. I'll check them out too.

Daffycat said...

Thank you for joining my TUSAL! I have you on the guest list now!