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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Divisive or Inclusive?

Are you a quilter or do you think of yourself as a traditionalist or maybe a modern quilter?  Sam, who blogs over at Hunter's Design Studio has the most marvelous discussion on her blog today!  We can unite to get a website who steals our blog content eliminiated...united, quilters are POWERFUL!

                                         (yep, got this great graphic from Sam too!!)

I have pieced mostly traditional quilts, but I'm working on a "modern" one right now.  Most of the quilts I have quilted for my customers are traditional, but I did this beauty for one of my customers.  Personally, I just love quilts!  I love the time, energy and love that goes into every fabric/pattern choice, cut and stitch.  I have seen some quilts that I would really not want in my home (I'll admit it, I've made some of them and they DO live here!!), but I can still appreciate the time and effort put into the creation of the quilt.  Donation quilts...I just happen to believe that if I am donating a quilt to some cause, it deserves my very best effort...I will guarantee you that it will NOT be perfect!  I am not the best piecer in the world, nor am I the best quilter, but I do all right with piecing and I think I quilt much better than I piece.  So go check out Sam's blog - it really got me thinking!!


Anonymous said...

There are too many things that are dividing people lately, which don't need to, and I would like quilting NOT to be one. I have done traditional and modern, pieced and appliqued, hand and machine, longarm and walking foot. I don't want to be classified as any ONE thing. =)

Libby in TN said...

I will admit that I was put off when I first heard about modern quilting -- the nerve of such people to mess with tradition! But I find now that I am drawn to so-called modern quilts and realize that it's all just quilting.