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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quilts from the Birmingham International Quilt Show

Some more lovelies to feast your eyes on!

This little pink beauty was 12" square!!!  Simply amazing! 

As a longarm quilter, I am always interested in the quilting, so I did take quite a few pictures of the quilting :)

Here is a picture of my quilting Vitamin F (friends) that I went to England with, along with our hosts for our 10 days in Tealby...Roseanne, Anne, Jeanette, Carol, Bess and Mary, with Beau in front checking out the quilts we made for Anne and Bess as our little "thank you"!  We had a marvelous 2+ weeks in England, and our time in Lincolnshire was the highlight...we didn't want leave for London, let alone head for home!


Teresa in Music City said...

Wonderful quilts - thanks for sharing!!! And that is a great Vitamin F pic - you will treasure that one for years :*) Glad you had a fun time!

em's scrapbag said...

Thanks for the lovely quilt show. The quilting on some of those is amazing!