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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Joan's Quilt finished

I just finished quilting this quilt for a customer.  It was fun!

I alternated the design I quilted in the red and blue of the log cabin blocks on every other row - fun and changed up the look a little bit.  Several of the designs were inspired by Angela Walters!  Sure do love her quilting!!  It goes out in the mail to my customer tomorrow, sure hope she likes it!


Martha said...

Hi, it's Martha. I am so embarassed. I have been in the hospital with pneumonia and I can't find your address to send you your panel. I can't believe I have lost it, but then I am surprised right now that I can remember my name. Please send me your address again at mraiford@hughes.net. Love your projects by the way.

Linda said...

Oh, this little quilt looks great. Your quilting looks lovely (as usual). Yeah, I'm an Angela Walter's fan too and love her books and her quilting. I really like red, white and blue quilts and this one is really cute....