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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Soldier Quilts

As my daughter was heading off to Afghanistan in March, she said that it would be cool if I could make RW&B quilts for everyone.  Lovely idea, but all my RW&B material was home in Washington and I was in Florida to house and pet sit for her while she was gone!  I asked members of the Yahoo group, Stashbusters, and members of the quiltingboard.com if they would donate a 12" block so I could make these quilts.  Well, 38 quilters from Maine to California, Washington to Florida, England and Australia sent me blocks, yardage, flimsies, and complete quilts!  My Sew What Bee group here in Florida helped me put the blocks together, quilt and hand bind the quilts.  Last week we delivered the quilts to 7 of the 9 service members deployed with my daughter (she is third from the left in the back row).


Sondra said...

Beautiful work. So great that they were made for the soldiers!

Kat said...

Hi! You posted on my blog about the "Covered in Love" quilts for dying patients. I'm sorry I didn't reply, for some reason I didn't get a notification about your comment and only just saw it. You soldier quilts look awesome! I also make quite a few red white and blue quilts for dying veterans. You asked about overseas donations, I accept donations from anywhere! Lately the furthest come from Canada, but I used to have a regular contributor from New Zealand. Thanks for visiting my blog!