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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hand Quilt-Along and Quilt for Liberty

First off, I apologize for missing posting this morning...absolutely no progress on my handwork.  My life has been taken over by umpiring adult slow-pitch softball 5 nights a week and getting a quilt made for my granddaughter who is due to make her appearance in July.

Her name is going to be Liberty Belle and mom and dad are all-in patriotic, so I designed this for the quilt top.  Doing the Bargello flag with no pattern was quite interesting and challenging!  I used fusible to attach the letters of her name and did a blanket stitch on my sewing machine to hold them down.  The Ohio stars were made from leftover HSTs from this quilt.

The backing for the quilt contains the label I embroidered.  I like incorporating the label into the backing because it certainly will not be coming off without destroying the quilt.  More leftover HSTs (yep, I see the mistake and chose to leave it!) and the part of the red and white stripes cut out to put in the blue star fabric was used to make the label.
Then the binding.  For the first time in 10 years I am sending my quilt to be quilted by another quilter and, bless her heart, she is going to put the binding on as well,  so I made the faux piping binding that she can easily sew on with her sewing machine.  As this quilt is a gift from my in-laws as well as hubby and me, my dear MIL is paying for the quilting and binding since I bought the fabric and made the quilt.
The binding is totally scrappy since I didn't have enough red or blue fabric to make the binding from must two pieces of fabric.  Since this is for a baby, I think scrappy is totally appropriate and all the fabrics are in the quilt.

When I get pictures of the completed quilt from the quilter, I'll put the pictures on here so we can all see how it looks!!  But I'll admit I wish my longarm was more portable so I could bring it to my dad's house with me!!!

Since this is finally off my plate, I'll get back into working on my curvy geese!


K Reeves said...

Spring changes our schedules completely! Liberty's quilt is beautiful, bet you are so full of anticipation! The hand stitching will come back, and remember even one of those geese done, is one less. 😄 No races here.

Anonymous said...

I know you miss that longarm! I use scrappy binding on a lot of quilts. I like the way it looks. Your quilt for Liberty Belle is just gorgeous. The backing is perfect for it, and I like the idea of including the label in the quilt itself. That's just wonderful, all the way around!

Needled Mom said...

That is beautiful and is perfect for a July baby.

Susie said...

I just adore this quilt, I love the red, white and blue theme and I don't think it is a mistake it looks like the star is dancing on pointe!

I think the binding is always the most difficult to do to make sure it goes with the back and the front of the quilt and getting it done. I know you would have loved to quilt it yourself but at least by getting it done by someone else it will be completed and ready for the new arrival, I bet you can't wait.

Can't wait to see it when it comes back.

Hugs, Susie & Treacle xx

Kevin said...
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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a precious quilt and perfect for a July baby! I think you did a fantastic job on the bargello flag!