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Monday, April 27, 2015

April 2015 Lovely Year of Finishes

Yippee!!  I am so glad I finished my quilt this month!  This quilt was made by a group of quilters in my little town.  Our challenge last year was to make a row quilt.  We got to choose our own fabrics and make the first row to determine the width of the quilt, then passed it along to the other ladies for a month so they could make a row for our quilt.  I chose to try a low volume quilt using creams and tans with a pop of color using sage greens and burgundy.  It was made with a very special friend in mind, so it matches her living room. 
Here it is hanging in my local quilt show that happened last Friday and Saturday.  After the show was over, I took it to my friend to "show" her.  She loved it and then I had to show her the back and then had her read the label which showed that it was hers.  She was so surprised and cried.  Best reaction EVER!!! 
I am linking up with Fiber of All Sorts for this Lovely Year of Finishes!


Kevin the Quilter said...

It's a great quilt! And, I happen to be addicted to neutrals, so I love it that much more!

Libby in TN said...

What a neat idea! And a lovely outcome!

Anonymous said...

I always hold my breath in such a group project. That one turned out great!

Mama's High Strung said...

I love the neutrals in this... great job! Thanks for stopping by my website... thought I'd check you out, too!

Anonymous said...

That sounds so wonderful. I could just picture you sitting with your friend as she realized you made this for her!

Susie said...

Its a lovely quilt and a great reaction from your friend. She is a lucky lady. Hugs, Susie x