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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Testing a Quilt Pattern

I had the wonderful opportunity to test a quilt pattern for Jenel Looney called Two Hearts in Love.  Her pattern was inspired by the romance author Susan Mallery.  She is Susan's assistant and she created this pattern as a gift for Susan.  She has submitted her pattern to a quilting magazine but said I could share a picture with you before the magazine came out with it.  I will admit, she designed the heart portion of the quilt, but finished her pattern with a solid border...well, I like pieced borders and wanted the finished quilt to be larger (I will still be adding more borders to get it queen-sized), so I came up with the woven ribbons border.  Currently it is 57"x73".  I LOVE this pattern and it has become my go-to pattern for wedding quilts!!!


Jo said...

Your quilt is wonderful. I bet it was fun testing the pattern.

lynne said...

i just saw your post on stash busters regarding your next solid border, and had asked about the pattern there. then, i came back here and nosed around. i must say, that your border(s) makes the quilt in my book and i would love to recreated it. the center is lovely and your fabrics too. i use deborah cohen's trinity knot work pattern for my go to wedding quilt, but may have to change over to this one, MUCH easier to do LOL